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Price Ranges for Services

All cuts include a very therapeutic invigorating shampoo and also a conditioner that is specifically chosen for your hair type. Our stylist will offer professional ideas and products to help support your new style to keep it looking like you just left our salon. All pricing is a-la-cart, based on demand, and subject to change do to stylists discretion.
  • Women’s hair cut $18-54
  • Men’s hair cut $9-29
  • Color Starts at $37
  • Foil highlighting starts at $21-101
  • Texture starts at $33-63
  • Smoothing starts at $37-103
  • Hair treatments $11-16
  • Facial waxing $6 -23

Take Home Products: Be sure to ask your stylist for the absolute best products to help you maintain your NEW look!


  • Luxurious shampoo with a highly skilled haircut and an educational blow-dry.
  • Luxurious shampoo with a highly skilled Men’s haircut.

Professional Color

Touch Up $ 37.00-53.00

Four weeks or a quarter inch of growth, completely changes natural hair color.

Double Process $ 50.00-66.00

Very in-depth special coloring, for your best desired look, it will also keep color brighter longer.

Overlay $ 13.00

Any additional product used to refresh the ends or with extra length and thickness.

Gloss $ 8.00

Adds extreme shine and slight tonality, multiple tonal processes in which colors are layered.

Take Home Products: Any and All products used for color treated hair. Our top of the line distinguish products will keep your color looking its best while preserving it for longer wear ability. Please ask your stylist for their BEST recommendation.

Facial Hair Removal

Brow: shaping and arching. $ 11.00

Lip: Upper lip $ 8.00

Chin:   $ 6.00

Leaving you really smooth



Paint on (Balayage or Ombre’) Splash of color and adds contrasting tones.

starts at $ 60.00

Up to 12 foils will give you a soft sparkle and different tone.


Multidimensional Total Highlighting Services

T-Foil starts at $ 21.00-81.00

lightens up around your face, great for a little change or just to brighten

Half Head starts at $ 31.00-91.00

foil for that natural blonde, more brighter blonde look

Full Head starts at $ 41.00-101.00

maximum multi-dimensional look that will turn heads,

Take Home Products: Any and All products designated for color treated hair ask your stylist.



Volume Treatment $ 16.00

For fine limp damaged hair it will restore strength and adds maximum volume.

Take Home Products: M.E.S.S. Volume, Biolage Advanced Full Densify or Pureology Extra Care

Extreme Strengthening Treatment $ 16.00

For overworked stressed hair this will prevent breakage.

Take Home Products: Biolage Advanced Repair Inside and Pureology Nano Works

Clarifying Treatment $ 16.00

Removes minerals chemicals and residues out of the hair. (like off-tones from pool water)

Take Home Products: Redken Cleansing Cream,

Moisture Treatment $ 16.00

For dry brittle hair will restore hairs natural shine and softness

Take Home Products:  Biolage Advanced Repair Insider and Pureology Hydrate.

Intense Shine Treatment $ 16.00

For dull lifeless hair it will increase hairs natural luster and brilliant shine that will last and last.

Take Home Products: Pureology Nano Works and M.E.S.S Amethyst oil

Redken Recharging Treatment $ 16.00

Does your scalp feel dry and tight? This treatment helps clean off YEARS of dead skin cells and also helps remove buildup like psoriasis. This treatment creates an optimum environment for new hair growth.

Take Home Products: Biolage Advanced Full Destiny

Olaplex Treatment In Color / Treatment $ 6.00 – $ 16.00

In color helps re-bond the hairs as its coloring or could be used all over to re-bond the hair structure of luster and shine.

Take Home Products: Olaplex #3

Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatment $ 37.00

This treatment fills in and binds broken hair fibers together, instantly mending split ends.

Take Home Products:  Brazilian Blowout Super Nutrient Complex prevents future breakage by surrounding each strand with a protective coating, defending against daily styling and environmental stressors.


Body Wave starts at $ 33.00-53.00

Adds body, bounce and creates strong curl.

 Beach Wave starts at $ 43.00-63.00

Adds movement and volume in the hair. This is excellent for collar length hair.

Spiral Wave $ 63.00

Forms a ringlet curl and will maintain all of your length.

Take Home Products:  Ask your stylist for the absolute best products for your new textured hair.

Hot Smooth Chemically Straighten

Turns curly hair, straight. This service will always stay straight on the ends. It will feel like different head of hair due to the reconstructing and reconditioning of the hair. (charged $100.00 an hour)

Cold Smooth starts at $ 37.00-103.00

Like your curls but wish they were a little bit more relaxed?  This helps the control frizz and tame wild curly hair.

Brazilian Blowout $ 177.00

To keep curl and lose frizz, or used to achieve a sleek and straight result. Known for significantly reducing drying and styling time for up to 12 weeks, a major benefit of this treatment is that it is finished at the salon.

Take Home Products:  Brazilian Blowout Super Nutrient Complex prevents future breakage by surrounding each strand with a protective coating, defending against daily styling and environmental stressors.